May 7th, 2011
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iStock_000011914010XSmallFriday morning was Muffins with Mom Day at my daughter’s school, a special Mother’s Day treat in honor of our day.  I sat on the floor of the library with Bunny enjoying a blueberry muffin and watching her make googlie eyes at a boy.  As I sipped my coffee and watched her steal coy and flirtatious glances at her classmate, I realized my baby wasn’t a baby anymore.  She wasn’t particularly thrilled when I wanted to walk her to morning assembly, and she really didn’t want me to kiss her goodbye in front of all of her friends.

As I walked across the parking lot back to my car, I started to think about motherhood and what it meant to me.  Motherhood is equal parts of joy, tears, happiness, frustration, pride and sacrifice.  It is not something you can take a vacation from, even if you could.  I have never had a more important job and I never will again.


But I didn’t get to this point in my life alone.  It started with my mother, and my grandmother before her, and her grandmother before her…women who shaped who am I am today.  Then there is Elle and Bunny’s birth mothers.  I never met these women, but they gave me the greatest gifts of my life.  Every day I look in the eyes of my daughters and I give thanks for such an amazing and selfless gift.

And then there are the foster mothers of the world.  It takes a special woman to foster children, either for a day, a week, or years.  Women who selflessly give their time, their homes, and their love to children in need.  I know there is a reserved spot in Heaven for foster mothers.

Motherhood is about being selfless, about taking care of your children before you take care of yourself.  Before I became a mother, I always wondered if I could give so much of myself to another.  But, once my daughters were placed in my arms, I knew without a doubt I could.

So, as this Mother’s Day dawns bright and beautiful, enjoy the homemade cards, the special Mother’s Day presents made in art class, and if you are lucky…a muffin in bed.  Take a moment to let your children honor your selflessness.

It is because of your selflessness, either to give a child in love or take a child in love, that this day is even possible.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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