October 27th, 2006
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This morning I have a job interview. Wish me luck! I really want this job but at the same time I’ve not been working (full time) outside the home for the past 7 1/2 years so I’m also somewhat nervous. Upsetting the apple cart could have good results…or could have bad results. Hopefully good. Financially good, at least! Getting a job outside my home will probably also cure my of my alarming tendency to jabber nonstop at anyone who happens to interrupt me during my normal solitude-filled day. Watch out, Fedex lady! Work-at-home mom on the loose!

Thinking about this job interview made me think how before most people have children, no one interviews them for the most important job of all: being a parent. There is no committee (and yes, my job interview this morning will be done by committee – yikes!) asking potential parents about their philosophy of child rearing, or how your parenting skills will contribute to the raising of test scores. No one wants to know how, as a parent, you will perform as a member of a team. No one wants a commitment to future PTA attendance or to keep your parent certification up to date. No one asks you your discipline strategy or how you will interact with your partner or anything like that…You also don’t need to wear pantyhose to become a parent (I will be wearing pantyhose for the first time in probably 5 years today. I’m not too pleased about that). For making a baby the way most people do, it actually works better if you remove the pantyhose.


Well, maybe your partner asks you a few things along those lines, but as we all know you don’t have to talk to make a baby the conventional way.

Nope, no interview. Sometimes when two people get married their clergyperson will interview the couple, but you don’t have to be married to have children…

But when you adopt it’s quite different. The homestudy is one giant interview! Going to court in Russia was a 2-hour long, slightly scary and confusing interview, and we had a friendly judge in an adoption-friendly region.

I think that if I can get through the interviews I had to go through to adopt my son I can probably get through this interview. I might not get the job, mind you, but there will be other jobs, right?

Send me your good vibes, everyone! Or as they say down here in Baptist country, pray for me…

4 Responses to “No one interviews you to be a parent…unless you’re adopting”

  1. Coley S. says:

    Good luck on your job interview. :)

  2. Lauri says:

    too funny…. I too will talk to ear off any adult I come in contact with… beware telemarketers

    good Luck on your committee interview… remember make eye contact with everyone ( I have had a few of those type of interviews)

  3. Best of luck with the interview!

  4. Thanks, ya’ll.
    The interview went well. I think it will depend on who else they interview. I hope I get it. It’s a very cool job.
    The panty hose were not too bad but I will never wear those heels again. I am used to wearing slippers!

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